Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24

Dr Rajan Thiagarajah

Welcome to Good Success Church, I am Dr Rajan Thiagarajah, founder and Senior Pastor. I am thrilled to live a life devoted to Jesus Christ and nothing pleases me more than sharing the Gospel. Over the past 30 years, my life has been dedicated to helping and mentoring people so they can apply God’s word to their everyday life, and this is something I can only do through the power of the Holy Spirit.


I will never stop sharing the Word of God and the power it has to convict, heal, deliver and bring people to repentance, and embrace a new way of living in Jesus Christ. I am fortunate to be able to travel the world and share His word at conferences and churches, and welcome all to listen to my regular radio program. My wife Ruby and I look forward to seeing you at Good Success Church services!

Pastor Ruby Thiagarajah

Alongside my husband Dr Rajan, I welcome all to Good Success Church and I praise God for being able to serve Him in our beautiful church. As a pastor my focus is to share His word and to help guide more and more people to live a Christ-centred life. My role within the Good Success Church focuses on our women members, encouraging them to participate in church activities and to live with Christ as the centre of their families, friendships, and workplaces.

But really, I am happy and ready to help in any area of church life, and I am very excited to welcome new members into God’s family and help them find their way in their journey. There is no better calling than the one I have which is to wholeheartedly serve God forever.

Pastor Ala Altraide

I am the Associate Pastor and church elder at Good Success Church, and serve as a Church Elder together with my wife, Dorah. I am blessed to have been given the gift of teaching, and after working around the world in Oil & Gas, am now a High School Physics and Maths teacher. As a loyal servant to our Lord, I spend my life teaching young Christians and helping them in their life’s journey. My dedication is to serve God in teaching his Word and sharing the Gospel to those who are seeking Him in their lives.

At Good Success Church, my responsibilities include the Home Altar Connect Groups and Prayer Ministry. I love gospel music and as teaching is my true calling, my wife and I teach at the Children’s Church.

Pastor Marlon Fernando

As a pastor at Good Success Church, I always look forward to the warm welcome I receive from the Church family when I am there. My life is truly dedicated to serving our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I consider myself as one of His loyal servants and am honoured to spend my life sharing the Gospel. Through His word, I aim to inspire people to live their lives in faith.

Together with my wife, Bimali, I oversee the home altar connect groups and write the monthly connect group lessons which encourage practical application of the word to every day life. I also teach the children’s church and serve as the hospitality manager.